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See how SAP Business One and Forgestik have succeeded in supporting the growth of several companies. Find out what motivated their choice of ERP system and implementation partner.


"We were looking for flexibility, customization and a tool that could provide us with reliable traceability on all our products."
Mark FeDuke
Director of Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Ardo-VLM Foods Inc.
“We were confident that SAP Business One would take our business to a world-class level and provide us with a well established, proven solution that would enable us to operate more seamlessly, efficiently, and accurately.”
Steven Wu
Data Specialist, Btrust Supermarket
"SAP Business One has become a full member of the company. Without this software, we would not have been able to sustain our growth."
Nicolas Couture
Director of Operations, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares
“SAP Business One represents great value, not only for today, but also for the future, with the confidence that the system will be able to adapt to it, no matter what the challenge is."
Franco Di Giambattista
President, Colibri Art Design Inc.
“The system is very well implemented within Craft Floors in Canada. With what any growth in a new market entails, it is reassuring to know that SAP Business One will be able to grow with us without having to make major changes to it. We already have the right tools in place to support our pace of growth."
Kevin Gessner
Controller and Operations Manager, Craft Floors
“Every day, new automations are implemented to improve everyone's work. The alert function makes our processes more fluid because we are notified in real time of failures, which prevents errors."
Milena Tomol
Controller, Dura-Lite Heat Transfer Products Ltd
"Using SAP Business One has allowed us to bring our processes to a very high level of performance and reduce personnel costs by 30% while maintaining a continuous increase in turnover, number of customers and the number of unique items in stock."
David Black
President, Emblemtek Solutions Group Inc.
"Work as such would surely not be possible without SAP Business One. The system is really there to help me with my ordering process, from A to Z."
Kathleen Nelson
Purchasing Manager, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada
logo Laurentian Chief
“SAP Business One was an obvious choice given the huge SAP network and the possibilities for integrated tools."
Luc Lauzon
Vice President of Finance and Co-Owner, Eugène Cloutier Inc.
"We soon realized that we had the chance to improve our internal processes. We needed to centralize our inventory data to enable better collaboration between branches."
Yves Chouinard
Director of Administration, Groupe JSV
"SAP Business One stands for growth and continuous growth. Nothing is impossible with this software; there is always a way to solve a problem, always a way to learn more about our customers."
Jade Merriman
Vice President, LH Imports
“I really feel like we’ve made major productivity gains. These gains have allowed us to use our energy to make the improvements that will take the company to a new stage in its growth.”
Jacques Lévy
President, Lovato Canada
“We can track orders much more efficiently, and the monthly closing of accounts is done in a week less than before. The time saving is obvious."
Sébastien Morissette
Co-Owner, Marcel Morissette Inc.
"We absolutely needed better inventory control. Since installing a QR code, we now have very precise inventory control, over 99%."
Patrick Quaile
Vice President, New Roots Herbal
“SAP Business One was absolutely required for us to succeed since our business has grown so rapidly over the years. Moving forward, it will allow us to streamline our business processes and grow more in the future."
Laura Kempling
Human Resources and Administrative Manager, Ocean Pacific Marine Store & Boatyard
“We needed a simplified floor interface, to be able to modify revenue choices and to have better visibility on our operational costs."
François Laurin
General Manager, Polyrol Paper Tubes Inc.
"With SAP Business One, everything is simpler, and this has translated into sales gains. The shipping process and follow-ups are also much easier, especially in just-in-time cases."
Maxime Thériault
Vice President of Business Operations, Tricots Maxime
Western Spirits
“Choosing the right partner is key to our success, and I think Forgestik brings great value in this regard. I couldn't imagine doing the volume we do today without SAP Business One."
Duke Martin
IT Director, Western Spirits Beverage Company
“As order processing is accelerated, we are now able to respond more efficiently to customer requests. SAP Business One is perfectly adapted to the needs of the company."
Woosung Jung
Vice President, YG-1 Canada
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