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Cool&Simple - Les surgelés gourmands

Gastronomia – Cool & Simple

“Innovation drives our success. I truly think that SAP Business One gives us a push to always innovate.”

Vincent Mahé, president et cofounder, Gastronomia – Cool & Simple


Simple automation process with SAP Business One

In 1998, two cousins had the idea to create an enterprise specialized in the sale of gourmet frozen food to chefs, restaurants and retails. Gastronomia was born, followed, in 2008, by Cool & Simple, a division that sells directly to consumers.

From an ocean to the other, the two divisions’ inventory welcomes around 72 new products per year. To that effect, the company was seeking for an alternative to replace its old and obsolete management system and guarantee a total traceability of its products.

Replace an obsolete system for an efficient and precise solution

Disappointed by its old system, the enterprise decides to explore the different options offered and finally chooses SAP Business One. After seeking for the best provider to listen to their needs, Gastronomia and Cool & Simple have selected Forgestik, a company specialized in the implementation of SAP business management solutions, to install their new financial platform.

“We have realized we needed a better ERP system, said Vincent Mahé, president and cofounder. In fact, the system we used to have could not give us information in real time.”

SAP: a complete and precise solution

Thanks to Forgestik’s help in the implementation of SAP Business One, the enterprise could now reach easily the objectives it has set itself.
First, the society changed an out-dated ERP system for a customizable platform that could offer, in real time, a complete overview of each aspect of the company. The system also let to an acceleration in the process of decision-making. On another hand, SAP Business One brought the automation of non value-creating tasks, such as automated billing, which represents a save of 800 hours of manpower per year. The inventory management has also been improved because of the better product traceability ensured by the software.

“The fact that we moved from our old system to SAP Business One allowed us to increase our intern productivity […], explained Francis Blanchette, CFO. Getting the software has resulted in a segregation of duties. Thus, employees could avoid the overlapping of incompatible tasks.”

Forgestik: a precious partner

Way more than a simple provider, Forgestik wants to establish, with its clients, a real trustworthy partnership, by offering them the best solutions to solve their problems. The firm of professional services has helped Gastronomia and Cool & Simple in their growth for the past four years.

“Innovation drives our success, confirmed Vincent Mahé. I truly think that SAP Business One gives us a push to always innovate.”

Customized solutions

  • SAP Business One
  • Point of sale iVend from CityXsys

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The company

  • Name : Gastronomia – Cool & Simple
  • Locations: Montreal
  • Products and services : Distributors of frozen food to chefs, restaurants and retails
  • Annual sales :
  • Employees : 22


  • Replace an obsolete ERP system
  • Guarantee total products traceability
  • Access to information in real-time

Why SAP?

  • Complete solution that allows an overview of each aspect
  • Fasten decision-making
  • Real-time information


  • Increase intern productivity
  • Efficient distribution of tasks
  • Automate non value-creating tasks
  • Ensure a good products traceability
  • Time savings of manpower

Why Forgestik?

  • For its support in the company’s growth

Used modules

Icône ventes et services

Sales and services

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