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Aliments Triomphe Foods.

Aliments Triomphe

“SAP Business One is definitely the greatest asset all growing food processors and distributors should have.”

Amine Mellouk, controller, Aliments Triomphe 

Triumphing with SAP Business One

Since its creation, Aliments Triomphe, a business from Blainville, has not stopped growing. To this day, the company owns a few brands such as Mother Hen, Tour Eiffel, Alpina Salami, Bilopage, Chef Georges Maître Charcutier, La Belle Bretagne, Nostrano and Fontaine Santé Foods.

Because of its recent acquisitions, Aliments Triomphe has known a strong growth and realized that its management process throughout the different divisions needed to be standardized. The owner has learned from the recent success of Mother Hen, since the installation of SAP Business One in 2008, and decided to model it.

A new financial platform to taste success

Aware of Mother Hen’s success because of its new integrated management software, Aliments Triomphe has decided to move away from its old system. The manufacturer has contacted the same provider as Mother Hen, named Forgestik, in order to obtain more information on the possibilities available. Forgestik is an enterprise specialized in the implementation of SAP management solution and has helped Aliments Triomphe in its growth since then.

“Overall, Mother Hen was seeking for a solution that could guarantee a total product traceability, which is a crucial aspect for a business like this one, said Amine Mellouk, controller for Mother Hen, and now for Aliments Triomphe. We were also seeking for a tool allowing real-time inventory management, which would have given us a precise follow-up and facilitated the invoicing.”

SAP: an affordable, user-friendly and customizable solution

It is now obvious that Aliments Triomphe has benefited from the installation of SAP Business One within its walls. From the very beginning, the company has known progresses in many of its operations.

First, some employees have saved about two hours of work a day each, because of the automation of tedious administrative duties. It is somewhat reminiscent of how the technology has brought changes in the real-time requirements calculation, the product traceability and the production cost control.

Second, the computerization of operations has led to a reduction of errors and time savings in taking orders, as it became an automated process. From now on, Aliments Triomphe can analyze market trends, make meaningful forecasts and produce clear and transparent reports, which was not possible with the old platform. Staying with the ancient system would have represented a step backwards concerning the management performances, whether we are talking about Aliments Triomphe or its acquisitions.

“The AS 400 system was too expensive to maintain, added Amine Mellouk. Besides, we needed the constant presence of a consultant to ensure its efficiency. Worse still, we were not able to add figures about Mother Hen specifically. In short, the system could not understand our business reality.”

Forgestik: a trustworthy partner

Knowing the good relationship between Mother Hen and Forgestik, Aliments Triomphe wanted to develop a similar partnership with the provider of complete management solutions. Forgestik was put at the top of the list of potential SAP providers because of its expertise in the food industry, the availability of its employees and its long-term approach.

“SAP Business One is definitely the greatest asset all growing food processors and distributors should have”, concluded Amine Mellouk.

Customized solutions

  • SAP Business One
  • Forgestik WMS for SAP Business One
  • MORE Remote Order Entry for SAP Business One
  • VANTREE EDI Solutions for SAP Business One

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The company

  • Name : Aliments Triomphe
  • Locations: Blainville
  • Products and services: Food producer and owner of Mother Hen, Fontaine Santé Foods, Tour Eiffel, etc.
  • Annual sales :
  • Employees : 250


  • Improve business procedures
  • Guarantee total products traceability
  • Shorten ordering time
  • Reinforce customer relations
  • Standardize operational procedures

Why SAP?

  • Multiple functions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible solutions
  • Affordable complete solution


  • Shortened ordering time and reduced errors
  • Guaranteed product traceability
  • Computerised shipping procedures
  • Automated order system
  • Real-time ordering
  • Market trends analysis
  • Business projections
  • Merchandise movement monitoring
  • Simple, transparent reports

Why Forgestik?

  • For its expertise in the food industry
  • For its customized solution option
  • For the knowledge and availability of its team
  • For its long-term approach

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