Might you wish to manage your brick-and-mortar shop or your online boutique, you must have the best technology at hand. SAP’s integrated solution gives you better control by grouping all info into one single database and allowing you to manage the various parts of retail sales including sales promotions, fidelity cards, gift cards and any other essential element to running a retail business.

SAP Business One’s business modules allow you to offer customers what they want, where they want it and when best suits them. You will optimize your processes and be in close ties with your customers.

With SAP Business One’s integrated solution, you will be able to choose a hosted solution or one available directly on your servers. You will have a real-time bird’s eye view of inventory per sales point or location, easing optimization of sales and customer fidelity.


Mobile or Fixed App

Stay in contact with clients at all times! Check availability, sizes, colors and prices in stores.

Customer Retention

Become a go-to boutique by offering benefits and incentives that will turn customers into loyal clients: fidelity cards, gift cards and custom promotions.

Success story

New Roots Herbal

‘’We would not be where we are today unless we had taken on and learned how to use SAP Business One, five years ago.’’

Peter Wilkes, founder and president, New Roots Herbal

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