Pharmaceuticals and natural products

The SAP solutions for your industry field allow you to develop, manufacture, distribute new treatments to the world. You will reach operational and financial peaks. Innovation will be at the forefront of your business in terms of product quality as well as processes and services.

SAP Business One offers a specific enterprise resource planning solution that will allow you to meet criteria and norms established for your field (Health Canada, FDA, etc.). You will be able to rationalize operations and deliver approved products to the market, while respecting the strict mandates of the industry.

With SAP Business One’s integrated management software package, track in real time detailed information needed and take enlightened business decisions, ensuring the growth of your business.


Production Planning

Production planning with the Gantt diagram and/or with a “copy-paste” tool.


What is the recipe used? What are the production steps? Keep the winning formula and component history data at hand from the entry point to final distribution.

Conformity and Quality Control

Do diligent verification of your products to ensure conformity to requirements and government regulations. Join all quality control documents to transactions and master files.

Cost Management and Tracking

Access up-to-date data of all costs generated to run your business.

Data Capture

Seize your on-floor transformation data and understand used and manufactured lots. Get real-time traces of all production operations and conception steps.

Formulations and Recipes

With our ERP, you will have better control over needed component orders to create your product. You will also keep an eye on ingredients and components that could potentially be replaced to find alternatives or to issue advisories, if needed. You will also be able to consult product formulations and recipes at all times.

Success story

Aliments Triomphe

“SAP Business One is definitely the greatest asset all growing food processors and distributors should have.”

Amine Mellouk, controller, Aliments Triomphe 

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