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CRM with SAP Business One

Your business’s success relies first and foremost on the customer satisfaction. Of course, acquiring new clients is essential to your growth but maintaining good ties with existing clients is actually even more important and sustainable. It is imperative to go beyond the stipulations of the contract to build a true and sound partnership. This shines through in the establishment of an irrevocable quality-driven customer relationship management.

SAP Business One allows you to manage hassle-free customer relationships from first contact to support  requests. The CRM module allows from a global view of the prospect client opportunities in order to better answer their requests. Potential customers will become loyal clients, your sales numbers will grow and customer satisfaction will follow… all that thanks to  SAP Business One!

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Manage Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns will have never been this easy to achieve!  Segmentation is the first step in executing such a project. With multiple analyses drawn by the app, you will better understand the realities of your clients and target needs more efficiently. Final reports will also give you access to your performance levels and help you track the success of your campaigns.

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Seize Opportunities to Close Sales

Forgot to call a client? Is your to do list never-ending? Forgot to go to an important meeting? Worry no more! The app takes care of it all, providing alerts and notices directly to your screens. Apart from helping you manage your daily activities and calendar, the app generates profit projections, sales results analyses and establishes previsions. 

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Sign the Contract and Make the Sale in a Snap of Fingers

If small and mid-size companies swear by SAP Business One, it is certainly because the app provides real-time access to all corporate data, improving the customer experience. It becomes for instance possible to find merchandise, establish a trajectory within the company and ensure its availability in only a few clicks.

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Benefit From Data Overviews to Better Service Your Customers

Thanks to SAP Business One, benefit from a detailed overview of customer order histories. This global view will ultimately allow you to set trend projections and anticipate future client needs. By doing so, you are opening the gate to constantly offer better products and services.

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Optimize Your Customer Relationship Management

In addition to being a management app, SAP Business One is a platform capable of answering frequent questions. Reps may solve problems faster, having access to a library of files with information on the industry’s various practices.

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Integrate Your Tech System Such as Microsoft Outlook

By integrating Microsoft Outlook to your SAP Business One software, you guarantee yourself full access to your calendar, on-and-off-line. Your contact info, schedule and all other important information may be synced to your management system. You may also consult all data on your mobile phone.

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Produce Clear and Efficient Reports and Analyses

Producing clear reports will allow you to come up with enlightened recommendations. Because your analysis will be based on solid data, you are ensured of remaining an expert in your field. This way, all sales are controlled as they occur, meaning no external supplier is needed to generate comprehensive and insightful reports.


Interested? First, be sure the module is available in a design tailored for your industry field. Then, check if it answers all your needs and see to better understand how it can help a company such as yours. It will be our pleasure to help you add it to your SAP Business One solution.

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Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

“The work to be done would not be possible without SAP Business One, confirmed Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager. SAP Business One is here for me from the very first step to the last one, especially in my ordering process.”

Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

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