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Reports and analysis

Making Reports with SAP Crystal Reports

One of the most important challenges for all companies is generating and sharing clear, insightful and interactive reports across all desktops and workspaces. SAP Crystal Reports offers ways to do so and so much more! The module’s main task is to optimize reports to, in turn, offer decision-makers a bird’s eye view of their company, making their job that much easier. SAP Crystal Reports are also customizable according to preferences and those of clients.

When implementing the SAP Business One solution, you automatically benefit from the integration of SAP Crystal Reports to your app. The module will serve you even more is you choose to dig into Business Intelligence too.


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Use an Intuitive Environment

The SAP Crystal Reports module may be brought down to one simple acronym, WYSIWYG,  “what you see is what you get”. Its intuitive environment encourages the usage of precise tools to create solid reports, reducing time spent in producing interactive charts. Parameters may also be modified in order to fit clients’ requests.

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Personalize Reports

Create models, duplicate data and apply formulas put creating reports into full speed. All that is possible thanks to SAP Crystal Reports. You may customize options and set parameters to obtain the display you wish. Automating certain functions will also save you valuable time better spent on more important tasks.

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Improve the Quality of Reports

SAP Crystal Reports’ powerful components solidify and clarify the quality of your reports. With such flexibility, the module allows for efficient transmission of data, dynamic graphs and charts, scenario projections when needed and thoughtful business decision-making.

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Deploy and Share Data

Thanks to SAP Crystal Reports, all users gain access to reports in a matter of instants. The module was developed to share data in the way you wish to do so and as easily as possible. By simply publishing to exporting reports, or by using the SAP development kit software (SDK), will find the way most convenient to your business needs.


Interested? First, be sure the module is available in a design tailored for your industry field. Then, check if it answers all your needs and see to better understand how it can help a company such as yours. It will be our pleasure to help you add it to your SAP Business One solution.

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“SAP Business One has become a fully-fledged member of the company. Without this software, we would not have been able to continue to grow.”

Nicolas Couture, operations director, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares

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