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Project management

Project Management with SAP Business One

Service companies are sometimes faced with not grasping the management of their projects, in particular when appropriate tools and solutions lack. This is even more true when many employees are involved in a same project: data is scattered across various desktops and communication between team members stays at its bare minimum. This can put your projects and company activities at risk of failure.

Thankfully, SAP Business One has a module entirely dedicated to project management. Through this functionality, not only operations, files and resources are regrouped for an easy overview, you may also follow the progress of ongoing projects, steps to come, budgets and much more!


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See in a Glimpse of an Eye All Project Activities

Controllers and coordinators will swear by SAP Business One to have projects see the light of day! The project management module centralizes all information relative to a project, from internal and external sources, offering project managers a global overview of activities. This includes current project statuses, degrees of realization, generated revenues and expenses.

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Monitor Projects’ Finances

Finances play a major role in project management. Consequently, the module was developed to be easily connected to SAP Business One’s finance module. The application generates a summary chart of your projects’ financial health and automatically suggests adding and saving files linked to the project such as transactions, simplifying your daily tasks.

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Choose a Simple and Efficient Work Organization

It is way too easy to get disorganized when managing and executing projects. Because SAP Business One is a fully integrated solution, you may prevent losing essential data. Each project is dividable in multiple sub-projects that may be tracked and followed separately, depending on their degree of completion. Projects and sub-projects may also each be divided into many specific tasks for which dependency links may be established.

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Optimize Following Up on To-Dos

SAP Business One was developed to ensure the optimum coordination of project activities. With that in mind, the project management module developed lets you build and maintain a list of open issues and applicable solutions for each task. You may also regroup all files related to particular tasks such as purchase files, sales files, stock shifts and production orders. 


Interested? First, be sure the module is available in a design tailored for your industry field. Then, check if it answers all your needs and see to better understand how it can help a company such as yours. It will be our pleasure to help you add it to your SAP Business One solution.

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“SAP Business One is definitely the greatest asset all growing food processors and distributors should have.”

Amine Mellouk, controller, Aliments Triomphe 

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