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SAP Business One is without a doubt the optimum solution for growing small and mid-size businesses for it provides all the necessary tools to efficiently manage sales, finances, customer service, inventories and operations.

Yet, because of certain complex problems our clients face, they must sometimes choose to integrate other companion products to their SAP Business One solution. Every companion product covers a specific need and allows you to focus on what’s important.




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Balance Integration

Many food products are sold packaged in ways in which price depends on weight. Cheese, meats, fruits and veggies are all good examples that spring to mind. Thanks to the Balance Integration module, selling these products becomes child’s play. When creating the transaction in SAP Business One, a screen pops up to record each sold item’s weight and to recalculate the sales price in regards to actual sales cost. Each item’s data is saved and may be added to customer invoices or delivery orders.

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Developed in joint venture with K-eCommerce, Forgestik eCommerce acts as a middleman connecting the NOP Commerce solution to SAP Business One. It offers a complete customer e-commerce experience linked to your SAP Business One solution. The customer may choose its online solution and Forgestik automatically becomes its integration expert partner.

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Forgestik Expédition

The Forgestik Expedition solution lets you validate merchandise that exits, by using barcode scanners. Designed to answer specific customer needs, the module gives users accurate expedition procedure data, without having to spend a fortune to do so or having to learn to use a warehouse management system. The convivial interface may be installed on all delivery systems. The user may simply scan the order to ship, the articles to box as well as the lot and series numbers. Once this step completed, SAP writes up an invoice or a shipping confirmation detailing all articles added.

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Forgestik Inter-Company

For various reasons, some businesses sometimes decide to separate their operations in many entities. This occurs, for instance, when a business implants itself in a foreign country, adding a whole new level of complexity to managing commercial operations.

Using a master matrix, Forgestik Inter-company can save data and copy it in other systems simultaneously. A supply order can be saved as a customer order in another database with no added effort. Some operations (order processing, delivery, shipping, etc.) are also carried out automatically. It becomes that much easier to manage many companies at once, with all data regrouped in one single space and duplication error limited.

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Forgestik Royalties

The many royalty programs at the disposal of the distribution industry are often just as complicated to manage as they are ingenious. Often the distributor must carry out its own royalties to manufacturers or major distributors. An inadequate management or a lack in control may generate direct losses. To see through this, Forgestik offers a multivalent and fully SAP Business One integrated management tool: Forgestik Royalties. Might it entail to royalty claims, supply volume discounts or compensated cost reimbursements, our royalty module will take care of controlling all claims and amounts due.

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Forgestik WMS

Forgestik WMS is an automated warehouse management solution, integrated to SAP Business One. The module lets you carry out, in a touch of your smart phone, all operations related to inventory management and merchandise reception and delivery. Forgestik WMS brings real time precise inventory management data, in addition to upgrading its efficiency. All smart phone transactions are automatically synced in SAP Business One, to update inventory.

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Mobility MORE

Forgestik Mobility MORE (Mobile Order Entry) is an order-taking and council app, available on Microsoft-powered tablets only. It is the ideal tool for an on-the-road rep who has limited access to SAP Business One that operates in sync mode, meaning Web access is required. Thanks to this tool, travelling salesmen may hit the road, chose a client, take orders or return merchandise without going online to do so. Access to items, inventory, client history is 24/7 and the app also allows to seize the customer’s signature to efficiently confirm orders. Once the day is over, reps simply sync their tablets to their desktop workstation and inventory updates itself.

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Thanks to the Production module, confirming production and consumption will never have been this easy! This option allows factory users to quickly confirm the execution of production operations while monitoring the consumption of the raw material, and to do so, without needing to use SAP Business One. The module shows users all possible operations a specific machinery may undertake. It also makes it possible to monitor and validate production step-by-step and to register it to SAP once desired or completed.

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Quick Payment

Forgestik Quick Payment was designed for our customers who encash large volumes of checks, managing dozens of invoices. The module’s main goal is to accelerate invoice search and selection of prominent clients’ imposing transaction lists. It also allows updates to amounts paid by customers without affecting the line of retail. It automatically makes the needed adjustments that allow full cashing such as “Open Items” as well as residual balance adjustments or deletions. The system retrieves invoices and credit notes by their reference number instead of their document number, as done with other SAP tools. 

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‘’We would not be where we are today unless we had taken on and learned how to use SAP Business One, five years ago.’’

Peter Wilkes, founder and president, New Roots Herbal

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