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SAP Business One is without a doubt the optimum solution for growing small and mid-size businesses for it provides all the necessary tools to efficiently manage sales, finances, customer service, inventories and operations.

Yet, because of certain complex problems our clients face, they must sometimes choose to integrate other companion products to their SAP Business One solution. Every companion product covers a specific need and allows you to focus on what’s important.





Coresuite Country Package

Implementing SAP Business One is easy as a breeze when adding the Country Package, developed by Coresuite. The module standardizes business processes quickly to optimize time invested in implanting the SAP solution. Insightful analyses generated by the Country Package give you a concise view of your business’s performance, helping you make enlightened decisions, reach goals and enhance overall turnover.

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Country Cube

To let you extract crucial data from your database, create analyses in real time and generate revelling and convincing reports, Coresuite has developed the Country Cube solution. Its convivial interface lets anyone, from beginners to seasoned masters, create pertinent reports and analyses, sent to your inbox in a snap of fingers.

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Country Time

Appropriate for all types of businesses, the Country Time module lets you save and monitor time slots spent on each and every business operation. In a few clicks of the mouse, you may record in your management system all efforts, resources, costs, and labor force time required to properly execute a certain task.

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Success story

Aliments Triomphe

“SAP Business One is definitely the greatest asset all growing food processors and distributors should have.”

Amine Mellouk, controller, Aliments Triomphe 

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