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The food industry is tied up in a world-class competition and must conform to always increasingly strict government regulations. In using the integrated enterprise resource planning solution (ERP), you will efficiently conduct your daily operations and achieve your goals.

SAP Business One will assist you in reaching high volume\low complexity goals. You will appreciate the most effective control in provides in regards to inventory, lead time, costs and losses. In sum, with our ERP, your company will generate more revenues, reduce costs and maximize return on investment.

Benefits for your Industry

With the SAP Business One integrated enterprise resource planning solution (ERP), you will be able to track in real time detailed data necessary to take bright business decisions and ensure the continuous growth of your business.



Know all about a production chain product’s history from its entry point on the manufacturing line to its final distribution.

Conformity and Quality Control

Control products better and ensure conformity with requirements and government regulations.

Cost Management and Tracking

Access up-to-date data of all costs generated to run your business.

Loss Management

Evaluate risks to better anticipate. Minimize financial and material losses by establishing reasonable projections by analyzing current reality and future opportunities.

Formulations, Recipes and Allergens

Consult the formulation and recipe of products manufactured. Be better equipped to control component orders needed to manufacture a product. Always have an eye on the list of potentially noxious ingredients and allergens to find replacement solutions or to issue advisories if needed. 

Success story


“SAP Business One has become a fully-fledged member of the company. Without this software, we would not have been able to continue to grow.”

Nicolas Couture, operations director, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares

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