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“SAP Business One has become a fully-fledged member of the company. Without this software, we would not have been able to continue to grow.”

Nicolas Couture, operations director, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares

Whip Up a Masterpiece with SAP Business One

Result of the fulfilment of a Spanish dream, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares arrived in Quebec in 2008. Following the North-American enthusiasm for its products, the enterprise specialized in the distribution of cooked and vacuum packed meat made it to the food market, with the birth of two private label brands: Chef Brigade and Le Chef et Moi.

The company needed to find a way to optimize its business process, while limiting the risk of making mistakes. The head office, in Spain, was already using SAP Business One. Therefore, the choice of the new platform was obvious and natural.

Replacing an obsolete system to simplify operations

As Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares was looking for a more appropriate system in order to improve the daily management, the company met with Forgestik, an enterprise dedicated to the implementation of SAP Business One solutions and known for its experience with SMEs in the food industry.
“During our first years, we were only using the Excel software for the general administration and the daily management, told to L’actualité alimentaire Nicolas Couture, operations director. However, as we were growing, we realized our old method was not the appropriate solution to meet our needs due to our new size. In fact, it was a brake on our further growth. For instance, a full-time employee had to manage traceability activities, while he should have been working on development tasks. In short, we had reached a new stage where we realized we needed a tool to be more effective in our work and to support our development. Regardless the opening of a certified HACCP factory in January 2012, our issues had taken a whole other significance.”

SAP: the overall optimal solution

After the installation of SAP Business One by Forgestik, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares was able to see the relevance of a software’s shift. The reduction of administrative tasks, the simplification of inventory management, the access to real-time information, the employees’ greater autonomy, the reduction of potential errors and the gain in time are only some examples of the benefits that has known the company since the implementation of a SAP solution!

“SAP Business One has become a fully-fledged member of the company, indicated Nicolas Couture. It allows us to free ourselves from a lot of work and to be more confident about our procedures.”

Forgestik: a real partner

If Forgestik feels concerned about its clients’ growth, it is mostly because the enterprise cares about the development of a long-term cooperation. Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares could not go wrong by choosing this provider as a business partner, since it is known for its expertise in the food industry.
“We have met the different providers in the area, and we have been introduced to Forgestik, explained Nicolas Couture. For us, it was a natural match: they are close from us; they were understanding well our type of production, they have already had clients in the food industry. They appeared to be trustworthy and allowed us to look to the future with optimism. Without this type of software, we would not have been able to continue to grow.”

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The company

  • Name : Industrie Gastronomique Cascajarees
  • Locations: Saint-Hyacinthe
  • Products and services : Creates superior quality prepared food for restaurants, food services & retails
  • Annual sales :
  • Employees : 11-50


  • Optimize the resources already existing
  • Speed up the customer service
  • Limit the risk of error due to an old system
  • Improve the traceability of the products
  • Simplify business process and data management

Why SAP?

  • Use of the same solution by the head office, in Spain
  • Communication flexibility
  • Possibility of adjustments during the growth


  • Complete, intuitive and reliable solution
  • User-friendly tool
  • Facilitate report production

Why Forgestik?

  • For its expertise in the food industry
  • For its geographic proximity
  • For its understanding of the challenges to be met
  • For its realistic vision

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