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Optimize your Usage of Emerging Technologies

With the quickly increasing popularity of cloud computing, of mobile technology and of social media, most companies are faced with a dynamic and ever-changing landscape in which requirements never cease to increase and sophisticate on various fronts like data stocking, access to analysis and reduction of costs, to name a few.

In facing these challenges, companies must question the ways in which they exploit emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and mobility if they wish to maintain their sustainable and profitable growth.

Forgestik takes pride in staying on top and at the forefront of digital technologies and computing developments. We have therefore identified the strategic sectors that are emerging in the field and from which we strongly believe our customers could gain profit.

A True Fellowship

Forgestik has made it possible for many small, mid-size and larger companies to stay above trends and remain current competitors on the market. Our consultants stay on top of technological evolution and help companies compete in the business market by proceeding to changes in ways of servicing customers and employees.

A Tantalizing Know-How

Our executive team is richly composed of previous business managers and technology directors who know the challenges you face. The ever-evolving world of technology requires planning and a transformation of business procedures. Our team of experts will help you implant exciting and promising business strategies.

A Brighter Future Guaranteed

Reaching the next level of growth is often a considerable challenge and may seem unachievable when new technologies are concerned. Current business strategies must absolutely consider new technology and big data analysis and consolidate many organizational aspects of your company. Your knowledge of tech trends lacks depth? Let us guarantee you a promising future by offering strategic options to remain at the forefront of your industry’s business intelligence technology trends.

Why Choose Forgestik?

Might it be simply for some counseling or for the full takeover of your business tech management needs, our team can help. Doing business with us means choosing a trustworthy partner that holds our project successes dear at heart. Reduce costs implied with hiring a consultant and opt for a collaboration with a strong team of experts at an affordable price.


  • A Leader in business technology growth solutions;
  • Access to critical resources on demand;
  • Avant-garde technology and accelerator to support  your transactions in an efficient and competent manner;
  • Complete process management including conformity, integration, training and development.

Success story

Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

“The work to be done would not be possible without SAP Business One, confirmed Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager. SAP Business One is here for me from the very first step to the last one, especially in my ordering process.”

Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

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