Resource placement

A Class-Act Proposal

At Forgestik, we strive at adding value to your business, with no regards to the size of your staff and its growth in time. We allow you to gain access to a seasoned team of experts that work together, united and efficient. Our integration processes and our capacity to evolve quickly allow us to offer our customers flexibility and therefore influence positively the outcome of projects ongoing and still to come.

Put Your Money on Our Collaborative Approach

Our billing, financing plan and flexible back billing systems allow you to remedy to internal demands while benefiting from our services. We have a collaborative approach, focused on results, that reduces investment costs. Our proactive approach gives you direct access to our managers, ensuring a unified ecosystem.

Profit From Our Knowledge

Our counseling and tech services are driven by our desire to learn more about new trends and current corporate challenges.  We are constantly in the trenches by your side, there to guide you, to offer knowledge and to face adaptation challenges along with you. We hire top-of-the-class national talents in all spheres of competencies: from development to business solution deployment such as productivity tools, mobile solutions, cloud computing, infrastructure performance, resource optimization strategies and much more!

From Small to Large Businesses

Forgestik puts all necessary resources at work in executing its services and never backs down from a sizeable project. Our team has directed and managed some of the most important programs of major North American companies. Either for ongoing program requiring a more profound know-how or for fresh initiatives demanding creativity, we can help you meet your goals. Resource placement is an important service on which we are constantly focusing and finding ways to best answer your needs. We also remain in close ties to ease employee integration and monitor your ongoing satisfaction.

With such an impressive number of solutions available on the market, it can become difficult to choose the software product best suited to your reality. At Forgestik, we consider your business processes, cost efficiency, bandwidth, human resources and business strategy priorities.

The abilities and knowledge of our team in this field allow us to enhance efficiency of your processes across all boards of your company.

Success story

New Roots Herbal

‘’We would not be where we are today unless we had taken on and learned how to use SAP Business One, five years ago.’’

Peter Wilkes, founder and president, New Roots Herbal

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