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Put the best-know management practices to work

Forgestik’s project office looks over the complete implementation of the SAP Business solution and ensures both full satisfaction of customer needs, and respect of determined budgets and due-dates. We make it our duty to put the best-known project management practices to work. We use the necessary tools to equip each client in facing his industry challenges. Our goal is to set winning conditions for project success. Forgestik’s senior management is committed to the continuous improvement of efficiency, to offer turn-key quality solutions to clients in means of enhancing return on investment.

Our project management approach, supported by the ASAP methodology, is based on the best Project Management Institute (PMI) practices, detailed in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBok). Our knowledge is therefore put to use, in order to ensure a healthy project management and favour the project’s successful outcome.

The project start-up

Starting-up and planning a project is done during the sales cycle. Main outcomes include detailed project presentations from the get-go, a high level due-date schedule and a communication plan.

The project execution

The execution and control phase entails all activities that go into following the project through, from its initial design to its post-implant support phase. To allow a good project management, files are periodically produced: the schedule is kept up-to-date, registers of customer requests, of open issues and of risks are created, as well as a dashboard that showcases the project’s advancement.

The project closing

Closing activities start during the post-implant support phase and lasts until the project ends. In closing a project, we do all needed tasks to see through a transition to operations. We establish a process to ensure the constant evolution of implanted solutions.


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New Roots Herbal

‘’We would not be where we are today unless we had taken on and learned how to use SAP Business One, five years ago.’’

Peter Wilkes, founder and president, New Roots Herbal

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