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Your computer data is one of your business’s most prized possessions. To ensure longevity, Forgestik offers many secure and high-tech hosting services. Beyond hosting needs, we know it is imperial to share data, sometimes case-sensitive, sometimes not and depending on activities your staff is engaged in. For a secure sharing of your data, we offer cloud computing services. The cloud allows you to share data and also engage seamlessly and optimally in teamwork.

Here are the various cloud hosting services we can provide:

  • Online data safeguarding
  • Server hosting
  • Virtual server hosting (laaS)
  • Office 365 hosting
  • Online exchange hosting

Online Data Safeguarding

Safeguarding your data outside your installations improves all of your business’s security issues. You will be shielded from viruses and computer attacks. You will also be protected from physical damages such as hard disks’ failure, involuntary deletion of files and even robbery. With this type of safeguarding, you will maintain access to all data at all times.

Server Hosting

Servers must occupy a dedicated, substantial, physical space. As a small or mid-size business, your square feet may be limited. By hosting your servers in our high-tech secured data safeguarding centre, you save precious space and gain full access to Web connectivity and to a worry-free way of staying clear of robbery, fire or electrical failure risks.

Virtual Server Hosting

Gain low-cost quick access to flexible, ever-evolving and secure computer resources. You will no longer have to invest and physically manage your own servers thanks to a laaS type of virtual infrastructure. This type of server allows you to gain access to all functions available on the network, to computers and to data warehouse space. A virtual server also adapts to your structure as needs grow and charges services rendered based on the actual usage you make of the server.

Office 365 Hosting

Connect with the world thanks to cloud computing. As proud partners of Microsoft, we offer Office 365 hosting services. Warehouse, data-saving and data-retrieving will be made possible from wherever you stand. You will have the opportunity, amongst others, to work in sync with coworkers, to gain access to online meeting services and to connect to pertinent mobile apps.


Online Exchange Hosting

Wait no more to synchronize and improve performance thanks to cloud sharing. Access emails, calendars and contact info, online and instantaneously. Regardless of the tool used, you will gain access to your messages and be able to work in a collaborative mode efficiently and at low costs. Enhance your productivity and save time and money with exchange hosting. Choose the trustworthy and secure service that offers countless competitive-edge benefits.

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Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

“The work to be done would not be possible without SAP Business One, confirmed Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager. SAP Business One is here for me from the very first step to the last one, especially in my ordering process.”

Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

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