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Forgestik knows it is important to receive complete and affordable services so your business benefits fully from SAP’s ERP solutions. Forgestik and SAP provide you with the necessary tools and resources to promptly and accurately handle your requests.

Our consulting team supports you throughout the implementation of your SAP Business One solution, so it is done in the ideal conditions. We have based our approach on the ASAP methodology and have the tools needed to the proper training of your employees, so you are sure to use the solution wisely.

Our methodoly of implementation

SAP Business One is implemented according to the ASAP methodology (Accelerated SAP). The ASAP methodology has been created to simplify the process to implement SAP Business One and let your employees continue their day-to-day activities. It includes the project steps, workshops, accelerators, checkpoints of acceptance and project tasks.

The implementation is divided in phases, as below :

  • Project preparation
  • Business blueprint
  • Realization
  • Final preparation
  • Go Live support
  • Operate

The ASAP methodology gives you a comprehensive way to streamline the implementation, upgrade and enhancement of the SAP software. ASAP offers you the following benefits:

  • Reduced total cost of implementation by embedding the principles of SAP Advanced Delivery Management into a streamlined and modular implementation road map for ASAP.
  • Choice of Agile or Standard implementation approach of your SAP Solution.
  • Content-rich implementation accelerators, templates, and guides for implementation projects from strategy to operations.
  • Transparent value delivery through solid reflection of the business case.
  • Efficient project governance, quality management, and guidance for Agile implementation projects, Business Process Management, and traditional implementation projects.
  • Approach that combines user-centric design, business processes and IT architecture.
  • Coverage of the entire project life-cycle—from evaluation through delivery to post project solution management and operations.

Our training program

Training is the number one factor in a successful implementation. To foster solid business process management with any new system, you need a solid set of users who are able to support your team in its daily operation. This is why Forgestik provide a comprehensive training curriculum, based on the ASAP Methodology: from SAP Business One core functions to Crystal Reports Designer and SQL Query Generator, our consultants design a set of boot camps for your various user groups.

Forgestik uses the “train-the-trainer” approach for support deployment and will train a team of users who will ultimately form the front line of your SAP support team. All users will receive training, guided by Forgestik SAP certified consultants. The training is divided in four modules, each of them lasting eight hours* and including exercises. With proper documentation of business processes, careful configuration and testing of the system and front-line users, you will be confident in your team to handle daily challenges with clear and concise solutions.

And at all times, Forgestik stands behind you with its support team and dedicated consultants, so we continue to help your team grow and evolve. As a SAP Gold Partner, we provide access to e-learning video training resources, user manuals, guides, an SAP forum and our wealth of experience with the product.

*Subject to change without notice

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Aliments Triomphe

“SAP Business One is definitely the greatest asset all growing food processors and distributors should have.”

Amine Mellouk, controller, Aliments Triomphe 

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