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“The implementation team and after-sales service is outstanding! We’ve been collaborating for a little over a year now, and I can testify to their efficacy and great customer service. We get the impression of having acquired a partner that takes our growth to heart.”

Maxime Thériault, VP of Business Operations, Maxime Knitting


Integrating All Operations in a Single User-Friendly System with SAP Business One

Founded in 1985, Maxime Knitting Mills excels in the production of circular-knit fabric and in the Just-in-Time method – small production batches with quick turnaround times. It has carved itself a solid reputation in the Canadian market, and more recently, has penetrated the South and North American markets. In addition to producing high-quality ticking fabrics, its team of designers stay abreast of new trends and constantly experiment with new styles, colours and materials to enhance its designs.

In full growth, the company was looking to replace its various legacy systems with a single user-friendly integrated solution so as to improve its operations and, in turn, enhance the overall customer experience.

A user-friendly management platform to replace its outdated legacy systems

In an effort to find the perfect solution, the company conducted an intensive search with numerous suppliers. It chose Forgestik, an enterprise dedicated to implementing SAP enterprise management solutions, in order to develop a complete and userfriendly financial platform.

“There was no room for error!” said Maxime Thériault, VP of Business Operations. “We were reassured when we found SAP and Forgestik –a solution with a proven track record! Not only did we need an integrated system, we needed one that could be adapted to our operations. We were confident Forgestik could get the job done.”

SAP – A reputable, flexible and user-friendly solution

With Forgestik at its side, Maxime Knitting Mills worked diligently to customize the SAP Business One solution to its needs.

First, the accounting, billing and production systems needed to be migrated to SAP Business One. The next step was the trickiest: adapt all the screens to have them display an accurate portrait of the company’s operations. Forgestik and Maxime Knitting Mills collaborated to clean up information and reproduce as accurately as possible all current shipping, billing and production operations.

“In adopting a single system, we have streamlined our operations,” said Maxime Thériault. “Everything is much simpler, and, as a result, sales have increased. The shipping and follow-up processes are also much easier, especially for Just-in-Time production. Plus, it’s turned into a win-win situation for our customer service!”

The adventure carries on! Both companies continue to perfect the system by making small modifications. They are also discussing the integration of a warehouse management system (WMS) to further improve warehouse management.

Forgestik – A true partner

With Forgestik at its side, Maxime Knitting Mills has more than a supplier. A spirit of long-term collaboration has set in and evolved into a true partnership. In addition to being an expert in SAP solutions, Forgestik took the time to understand the company’s operations and propose a solution customized to its needs. Forgestik brings together the excellence of SAP solutions with the value of an experienced and creative supplier.

“The implementation team and after-sales service is outstanding!” exclaimed Mr. Thériault. “We’ve been collaborating for a little over a year now, and I can testify to their efficacy and great customer service. We get the impression of having acquired a partner that takes our growth to heart.”

Customized solutions

  • SAP Business One


The company

  • Name: Maxime Knitting Mills Inc.
  • Location: Montréal
  • Products and services: Production of mattress
  • ticking
  • Employees: 65


  • Replace legacy systems with an integrated system
  • Better plan production
  • Improve inventory management
  • Simplify operations

Why SAP?

  • Internationally-recognized integrated solution
  • Rapid decision-making
  • Possibility of customizing and adding modules
  • User-friendly interface


  • Replacement of legacy systems by an integrated solution
  • Reduction in manual entries and elimination of duplicate entries
  • Reduction in the risk of errors
  • Time savings
  • Up-to-date inventory
  • Full and effective use of material
  • Better inventory management
  • Facilitate the shipping and follow-up processes, particularly for just-in-time production

Why Forgestik?

  • For its price-quality ratio
  • For the proximity of its services
  • For their reputation, commitment and credibility
  • For its dynamic implementation team
  • For its excellent after-sales service

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