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Groupe Phoenicia

“We have found the right solution for today… and tomorrow!”

Antoine Gholam, Executive Director, Groupe Phoenicia

Sustaining Growth with SAP Business One

Phoenicia Group is a Canadian company specialized in food import and distribution. Since its creation in 1994, the enterprise has experienced impressive expansion and now operates throughout North America, with offices located in Montreal and Toronto. Phoenicia Group relies on efficient cooperation between its head-office, divisions, distributors, and retailers. It wanted to improve communication between these key players and replace its outdated business management system.

Replacing an obsolete system with a platform that can support growth

Phoenicia Group wanted to replace obsolete business management procedures, which no longer supported increasing complexity and long-term growth. After searching the market for the solution best suited to its needs, it selected the SAP Business One solution. Phoenicia Group then chose Forgestik to implement the new system.

“Our old system offered no expandability for growth, which was worrisome,” said Antoine Gholam, Executive Director. “We were attracted by Business One’s user-friendly interface and SAP’s flexibility. Now, we are confident our future growth will be well supported.”

SAP: a flexible and user-friendly solution

With the help and expertise of Forgestik, the company was able to precisely adapt the SAP Business One solution to its needs.

First, all systems were standardized to provide its different divisions’ inventories with a superior information-sharing system and reliable resource distribution. This solution also ensured better communication between divisions and the head-office. Finally, the system generated detailed reports to help upper management keep informed of daily operations. For the Phoenicia Group, the most important challenge was to find the analytical tools that would support continued expansion without worry.

“We knew of SAP’s solid reputation and were immediately comfortable with their implementation team. They were so dynamic!” said Mr. Gholam.

Forgestik: a trustworthy partner

In choosing Forgestik, Phoenicia Group has acquired a trustworthy partner. With a cooperation-based approach, extensive knowledge of the food industry, and exceptional after-sales service, Forgestik has all the assets to support the company during its all-important growth process.

“We know we can count on Forgestik’s team for the future,” said Antoine Gholam. “We can already foresee the next steps: implementation of WMS, for example, as well as mobile solutions for our representatives. We’ve found the right solution for today… and tomorrow!”

Customized Solutions

  • SAP Business One
  • VANTREE EDI Solutions for SAP Business One

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The company

  • Name: Phoenicia Group Inc.
  • Locations: Montreal and Toronto
  • Products and services: Food importand distribution
  • Annual sales: Over $50 million
  • Employees: 130


  • Replace an outdated business management system
  • Acquire in-depth analysis tools
  • Improve inventory management
  • Monitor the company’s projected growth

Why SAP?

  • An exhaustive, comprehensive and affordable solution
  • The possibility of data mining
  • Total module and system integration
  • Quick decision making
  • Real-time information


  • Quicker decision-making tools for administrators
  • Better inventory control
  • Computerised order management
  • Greater interaction between divisions
  • Higher volume of transactions
  • Time-saving closing procedures
  • Clear analytical reports

Why Forgestik?

  • For its expertise in the food industry
  • For its understanding of customized needs
  • For its dynamic implementation team
  • For its knowledge and personalized service
  • For its engagement, credibility and professionalism

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