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Groupe JSV

Groupe JSV

“It’s been so easy, we wonder how we managed beforehand! The people from Forgestik are competent, available and friendly. From the moment the sales representative offered us a demo and a trial period, we knew we were in good hands. We’ve found the right solution and the right technical partner—for the long term!”

Yves Chouinard, Director of Administration, Groupe JSV

Centralizing Inventory Data with SAP Business One

Since its inception in 1995, Groupe JSV has developed an expertise and become an important reference point in the nuts and bolts and industrial hardware industries. A few years ago, the company acquired Caverhill Learmont, the second oldest incorporated company in Canada (1867). Today, its clients include numerous municipalities and large enterprises, such as Hydro- Québec, Alcoa and the City of Montreal.

With branches across the province and an impressive inventory of over 150 000 products, Groupe JSV wanted to centralize its inventory data, accelerate the order-taking process and increase profitability.

Replacing an outdated system with an efficient, custom-designed platform

When the company’s management system could no longer support its growth, it turned to Forgestik, SAP solution specialists, to develop an efficient and user-friendly financial platform.

“Replacing our management system was only the beginning,” explained Yves Chouinard. “We quickly discovered that we had the opportunity to enhance our internal processes. Our inventories had to be centralized to strengthen collaboration between the branches. However, we also wanted to shorten the order-taking process and better manage our non-coded merchandise, which represents more than 30% of our business.”

Meeting operational challenges

Forgestik did more than just install a generic system – it analyzed and gained a solid understanding of Groupe JSV’s needs and developed a solution accordingly. To begin, the branches, which operated independently, were integrated into a single system without losing their distinctive characteristics.

Managing non-coded merchandise was another big challenge: costs needed to be estimated and movement monitored. Forgestik implemented such an efficient, easy-to-use system that sales from non-coded merchandise were not only easy to manage, they increased significantly – a result above and beyond the initial objective!

“There has been a noticeable change in our company culture,” stated Yves Chouinard. “We work better together, and our employees can make more decisions on their own. They work more efficiently, while managers can better follow the company’s growth. It greatly helped us survive the recession!”

Forgestik – A valuable partner

Beyond sales, what matters most to Forgestik is developing a true partnership with enterprises and accompanying them in their growth. In addition to being a SAP solution expert, Forgestik has a strong track record in understanding its clients’ needs and, as such, designing the best possible solutions for them.

“It’s been so easy, we wonder how we managed beforehand!” said Yves Chouinard. “The people from Forgestik are competent, available and friendly. From the moment the sales representative offered us a demo and a trial period, we knew we were in good hands. We’ve found the right solution and the right technical partner – for the long term!”

Customized solutions

  • SAP Business One
  • Integrim document management
  • Forgestik interbranch MRP
  • PrintBoss


The company

  • Name: Groupe JSV
  • Locations: Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, St-Jerome and Blainville
  • Products and services: Industrial hardware
  • Annual sales: Between $10 and $25 million
  • Employees: 60


  • Replace an outdated management system
  • Accelerate the order-taking process
  • Centralize inventory data
  • Improve management of non-coded articles

Why SAP?

  • Adaptable solution
  • Efficient order intake
  • Complete and affordable solution
  • Real-time information
  • Centralization of data
  • Time savings 


  • Faster ordering time
  • Automated ordering system
  • Real-time stock monitoring
  • Cost and profit margin analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Non-coded merchandise tracking
  • Production of clear reports
  • Improved sales/employee ratio
  • More effective exception management
  • Savings on stamp purchases

Why Forgestik?

  • For its trustworthiness
  • For its experience with SME’s
  • For the quality of its service
  • For its in-depth technical knowledge

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