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EEC - Esthétique et Électrolyse Canada

Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

“The work to be done would not be possible without SAP Business One, confirmed Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager. SAP Business One is here for me from the very first step to the last one, especially in my ordering process.”

Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

A solution for a growing enterprise, with SAP Business One

Since its creation in 1990, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada has reached the top of the aesthetic industry, becoming a reference in the field. From an ocean to the other, the family-owned society sells and distributes beauty products to professionals of the industry, whether they are spas’ workers or specialists, such as massage therapists.

The need of a new and efficient complete management system seemed obvious, since the company has to deal with an inventory of 4500 products, 140 brands and 350 providers. A system shift was a way to review the inventory management and the communication between departments.

Replace an obsolete system for a user-friendly and efficient software

Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada’s old management system could not meet its complex needs anymore and would have prevented the company from knowing a long-term profitable growth. Because of this gap in its organization, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada had no choice but to purchase the platform that would ensure the business an effective management. Forgestik, an enterprise specialized in the installation of SAP solutions, has been chosen to become the company’s provider of SAP Business One.

“Before we have decided to change our old system for SAP Business One, said Pascal Brien, general manager, we were having serious issues about the inventory management and the communication between departments.”

Meeting operational challenges

Forgestik’s help and expertise have definitely contributed to its client’s success. Thanks to its provider, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada has been able to customize the solution so that it would meet its needs.

First, the arrival of the software has led to a complete restructuring of the management methods. Since the implementation of the platform, the different departments have been talking to each other and the direction has become more proactive and flexible in the decision-making, which was not possible with the old system.

Second, the inventory management was improved. This can be explained by the departments’ adjustments that has led to a cost price decline and a reduction of ordering from suppliers. The company has also known an increase of 20% in its turnover, without even touching the inventory. Hence, in the company’s head, SAP Business One has the same meaning as effectiveness.

“The work to be done would not be possible without SAP Business One, confirmed Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager. 4500 products and 350 providers is a lot to remember for only one person. I feel like SAP Business One is here for me from the very first step to the last one, especially in my ordering process.”

Forgestik: from provider to partner

As Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada asked Forgestik for its expertise, not only has the enterprise acquired an efficient and user-friendly management platform; it has also earned a real business partner, whose priority is to ensure a great growth to its clients.

“Forgestik took us by the hand. Step by step, they helped us in building the accounting GL accounts, creating the marketing documents, guiding and training us each step of the way by explaining what was required, attested Pascal Brien. Then, we started to improve our business and our process, speed things up and increase our effectivity. Doors are opened and information is being shared from a department to the other one. It is now really easy to get it and we are not looking for it: it is being pushed to us. That’s what is great about it!”


The company

  • Name : Esthetique & Electrolyse Canada
  • Locations: Montreal
  • Products and services : Distributor of cosmetic products and equipment to professionals of the beauty industry
  • Annual sales :
  • Employees : 25


  • Replace an outdated management system
  • Improve the inventory management
  • Improve communication between departments

Customized solutions

  • SAP Business One
  • Integration with Purolator from Forgestik

Why SAP?

  • Complete and user-friendly system
  • Centralization of data
  • Multiple functions
  • Global effectiveness of the software


  • Cost price decline
  • Significant reduction of backorders
  • Increase of 20% in the turnover
  • Improve inventory management
  • Proceed to targeted data monitoring
  • Better organization of work hours
  • Facilitate access to information

Why Forgestik?

  • For its expertise and availability
  • For its constant help through each step of the implementation

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