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Inter-company Management with SAP Business One

Managing a business becomes all that more complex when it is involved in activities of many subsidiaries. You will not be left to face the challenges of acquiring other proprieties alone if you choose the right solution: SAP Business One. The software is developed to facilitate operation coordination, to offer a bird’s eye view and to transform deliberation into profitable action.

Most companies aim at minimizing the complexity of their operations by consolidating the business processes across each and every division of the head company. This is where the inter-company module comes in hand. Offering a panoramic vision of performances in all departments and subsidiaries, it contributes to the rationalization of operations, improving communication and collaboration within your business and with your affiliates.



Automate Activities for Each Subsidiary

Some of your activities may need manual interventions. In the long run, this becomes wearisome. That is why SAP Business One is the right solution for you. The software helps you automate daily tasks so you may focus on key elements. Efforts and time put into fastidious tasks will be considerably reduced and will allow you to eliminate all risks of making mistakes in manipulating tasks manually. By doing so, you will enhance productivity without having to duplicate saving data into multiple systems.


Master Data Processing and Content Sharing

Dreaming of a world in which all company data was regrouped in one sole and safe space? The dream becomes reality thanks to SAP Business One. The application synchronizes all the company data in order for all subsidiaries to share the same information. In offering a shared frame of reference, data is shared and communication improved amongst subsidiaries.

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Opt for Transparent and Standardized Business Processes

It is not rare for companies to use different managing tools as those of its subsidiaries. Yet, benefits of connecting computer systems, better yet, of implementing a shared totally integrated system, include eliminating manual data entries, reducing potential mistakes and improving productivity. The inter-company integration module’s first objective is to manage transactions that occur within the various divisions of a company, and to do so, in the most transparent way possible.

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Watch Over Your Subsidiaries’ Activities in a Simple Glance

All companies must consider the challenges brought forward by the complex management of many divisions. Employees, in particular those in department management roles and controllers need a real time precise overview of the company and its subsidiaries’ activities at all times. They trust SAP Business One to help them ease their daily jobs!

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Have Better Control by Encouraging Collaboration

You cannot solely rely on the automation of business processes obtained through the software to bring your company to where you want it to go. You must also arm yourself of tools that will improve control of all business subdivisions. With the inter-company module, you will receive transaction alerts, monitor work flow, customize the app according to your parameters and



Interested? First, be sure the module is available in a design tailored for your industry field. Then, check if it answers all your needs and see to better understand how it can help a company such as yours. It will be our pleasure to help you add it to your SAP Business One solution.

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‘’We would not be where we are today unless we had taken on and learned how to use SAP Business One, five years ago.’’

Peter Wilkes, founder and president, New Roots Herbal

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