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SAP Business One is without a doubt the optimum solution for growing small and mid-size businesses for it provides all the necessary tools to efficiently manage sales, finances, customer service, inventories and operations.

Yet, because of certain complex problems our clients face, they must sometimes choose to integrate other companion products to their SAP Business One solution. Every companion product covers a specific need and allows you to focus on what’s important.





AS2 Connect

Operating through a AS2 log in, the AS2 Connect service provided by Vantree answers industry standards and encourages the exchange of data between and amongst business partners. It does so, with all security issues covered. The module follows you in every step of sharing files at minimal costs. Why wouldn’t you choose a software that saves money and limits purchase and AS2 maintenance expenses?

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ASN Builder

A companion product of the Web EDI module, ASN Builder uses data of all orders processed to create advance ship notices and record your customers’ delivery statuses. To do so, the module generates a skeleton document in which you may add or modify data at your partners’ requests. You may save the templates you wish and retrieve them fours in other transactions.

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VAN Xpress

VAN Xpress is a Vantree service designed to send files to business partners by using Internet protocols and engaging in the least expenses as possible. The module’s main advantage is to let you establish the level of urgency needed in processing files. Although a certain knowledge of EDI practices is an asset in using the module, it can be seamlessly implemented in all customer businesses who wish to have it.

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Processing files is eased when done electronically. Vantree has developed a Web EDI solution thanks to which you may now share valuable files with business partners whose technology also supports the EDI. In doing so, negotiating may be done by electronic means, regardless of the file format.

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Success story

Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

“The work to be done would not be possible without SAP Business One, confirmed Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager. SAP Business One is here for me from the very first step to the last one, especially in my ordering process.”

Kathleen Nelson, purchasing manager, Esthétique & Électrolyse Canada

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