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SAP Business One is without a doubt the optimum solution for growing small and mid-size businesses for it provides all the necessary tools to efficiently manage sales, finances, customer service, inventories and operations.

Yet, because of certain complex problems our clients face, they must sometimes choose to integrate other companion products to their SAP Business One solution. Every companion product covers a specific need and allows you to focus on what’s important.




CIS - Création, intégration, solution

Route Accounting Solution

Food industries need to arm themselves of a key strategy when deciding how best to manage direct sales point deliveries and product distribution to businesses. The CIS Group RAS module is the solution. It aims at generating more sales while reducing returns on merchandise. The added option of integrating complementary services, such as merchandising, is also offered to properly carry out all activities.

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CIS - Création, intégration, solution

Sales Force Automation

The SFA module put forward by CIS Group aims at automating merchandiser and rep sales forces, by rationalizing commercial activities. Our partner may vaunt itself of selling more than a mere CRM software. SFA automates daily operations to give you full control over operations and a real-time overview access to crucial business data.

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Success story


“SAP Business One has become a fully-fledged member of the company. Without this software, we would not have been able to continue to grow.”

Nicolas Couture, operations director, Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares

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