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Lanctôt ltée

“Our future development will be optimized thanks to the quality of the tools we put in place in collaboration with Forgestik, our trusted business partner.”

Diane Lanctôt, President, Lanctôt ltée


Improving Inventory Accuracy with SAP Business one

For over 50 years, Lanctôt has been an important player in the distribution of sports equipment, clothing and optical products in North America. Its large inventory includes collections from Fischer, Swix, Louisville, Slugger, Colmar, Nivo, OGA, Mexx and Morel.

Products distributed by Lanctôt are shipped in immense containers that must be emptied quickly every time. Success therefore depends on mastering two crucial elements: time and volume. However, Lanctôt was experiencing difficulties with inventory management and the shipment of merchandise to large chain stores, specialized sports stores and eyewear vendors. To continue to be successful, Lanctôt needed to manage its inventory more effectively so as to better satisfy its clients.

Replacing an inefficient system with an adaptable, reliable solution

The company had a management system in place, but customization was difficult. After an extensive search, Lanctôt chose Forgestik, specialized in SAP solutions, to develop a system that met its needs.

“The more we tried to adapt our legacy system, the slower and more unstable it became!” said Yannick Lagadec. “We needed to react quickly because it was starting to take a toll on our growth. We especially wanted to improve inventory accuracy. It was our starting point. Shortly after, we realized that Forgestik could help us enhance other activities, like order taking and e-commerce.”

Step one: Understanding the business

The key for Forgestik is to understand the client’s activities. A management system plays such a vital role in growth that it must be tailored to the needs of the company. Forgestik therefore analyzed its client’s needs then deployed a multi-phase solution. At the same time that SAP Business One was implemented, Made4Net’s WMS solution was installed to improve the warehouse’s overall management.

The WMS solution was fully leveraged in the preparation of optical product orders so that a single individual could prepare a remarkable 24 orders simultaneously, in just one step. Through this successful partnership, Forgestik also deployed the Business Intelligence solution for SAP Business One, powered by SAP HANA. Thanks to this brand new technology and other tools (mobile and e-commerce), Lanctôt is at the forefront of technology by being the first North American company to adopt this new SAP solution.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such a rapid improvement! After only a few months, inventory accuracy jumped from 60% to 98%. Accuracy of shipments has also greatly improved. Almost all our supply refill orders are delivered within 24 hours or less, and we no longer have any client complaints. Our representatives know that they can count on our inventory data – and that means more sales!”

Forgestik takes its clients’ growth to heart

For Lanctôt, Forgestik’s strength also lies in its after-sales service. Their professional, pleasant and readily available personnel made the transition much easier. As a result, a true partnership was forged.

“The implementation process was a real challenge, but today, we are very satisfied with our systems’ efficiency and believe our investments will help us position ourselves as an industry leader for the quality and efficiency of our service. Plus, being able to rapidly access accurate information for our clients is a major advantage that makes us stand out from the competition,” said Diane Lanctôt, President. “Our future development will be optimized thanks to the quality of the tools we put in place in collaboration with Forgestik, our trusted business partner.”

Customized Solutions

  • SAP Business One
  • Made4Net’s WMS solution
  • SAP Business One Analytics powered by SAP HANA
  • MORE remote order taking
  • Forgestik e-commerce solutions
  • Vantree EDI Solutions for SAP Business One


The company

  • Name: Lanctôt Ltd.
  • Location: Montreal
  • Products and services: Import and export of leading brands in sports equipment, clothing and optical products
  • Annual sales: Between $25 and $50 million
  • Employees: 80


  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Reduce delivery errors
  • Reduce shipping time
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Why SAP?

  • Adaptability of solution
  • Data accuracy
  • Easy production of reports
  • Ease of connection
  • Complete and affordable solution


  • Easy data extraction
  • Real-time stock level monitoring
  • Improved shipping processes
  • Improved inventory needs forecasting
  • Efficient order taking adapted to each division
  • Production of clear and accurate reports

Why Forgestik?

  • For its reputation
  • For its experience with complex projects
  • For the quality of its service
  • For its solid solutions
  • For its professionalism

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